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Catering for your Ace Space Event 

Menus designed by our award winning chef

As in house caterers the Academy for Character and Excellence recognises the ability to broaden the service offer beyond the daily school lunch yet still offering the exceptional value for money, traceability, procurement, high standards of a quality attractive service.

We recognise and are proud that we have skilled chefs that prepare all of our dishes on site using quality fresh ingredients.

As a Trust we are committed to following high quality food standards on procurement, food quality, and conscious about our environmental impact by offering food at a competitive price. We ensure we follow quality assurances that take into account our Food for Life standards, Sugar Smart Values and School Food Standards. The following variety of streamlined menus shows a clear selection of the appealing offers from the additional hospitality services we are able to provide


Refreshments (R1)
£1.50 per head

 Freshly brewed coffee, assorted
tea selection, still and sparkling bottled water 


Continental (B1) £6.00 per head

Buffet selection of pastries, croissants, breakfast muffins, fresh fruit platter & yoghurt


Working Lunch (L2)

£7.00 per head

Sandwich / roll platter, sausage rolls, filo cups, crisp bowl
assorted sweet treats, fruit platter


Afternoon Tea (A1)

£7.00 per head

Sandwich platter,  Devon scones, jam & clotted cream, mini fruit tartlets, tea & freshly brewed coffee


Refreshments (R2) 
£2.00 per head

 Freshly brewed coffee, assorted tea selection, still and sparkling bottled water and a selection of biscuits 


Cooked (B2)

£6.50 per head

Sausage & bacon baps, cheese & tomato croissant, hash browns, granola tray bake, fresh fruit platter


Light Bites (L3)

£7.50 per head

Wraps, rolls, sausage rolls, spring rolls, filo cups, crudites, hummus, wedges, fruit kebabs, traybake

Kiwi Juice

Refreshments (R3) £2.00 per head

Jug of orange or apple juice 


Light Lunch (L1)

£6.50 per head

Sandwich / roll platter, crisp bowl
assorted cake slices, fruit platter


Ploughmans (L5)

£10.00 per head

Sliced cold meats, cheese platter, quiche, salad selection, pickles, rolls & butter, assorted desserts


Food nutrition and the way we handle waste, plastic and pollutants are critical for our planet. We take responsibility and set sustainable goals for our kitchens.

  • All of our disposables are sourced from a company called Veg Ware and supply us with compostable and recyclable products.

  • We have reduced the amount of deliveries entering the school by adding meat to the Savona wholesale van reducing emissions.

  • We source as much local produce as we can reducing food miles.

  • We ensure food waste is kept to a minimum by using systems to assist in not over ordering.

  • We check our stock regularly to see what we can use up or freeze.

  • We choose sustainable food! We use Fairtrade bananas, and use fish that has been sustainably farmed using the MSC label.

  • We support local farmers and British produce.

  • We are conscious about reducing the amount of meat and dairy we serve across a menu cycle and increasing grains and pulses.

  • We ensure we turn down the heat!

  • We do not unnecessarily over fill pans to just bubble away!

  • We turn off appliances.

  • We do not waste water.

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